One Great Deal, Two Great Strains

Wedding Crasher and South Fork Kush:
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South Fork Kush

Hybrid Strain by Benson Arbor

This hybrid strain from Benson Arbor is the perfect afternoon high, featuring uplifting, citrusy notes with strong hints of diesel and earth. Come by or Visit Us Online and grab some for yourself.

THC 22.9%
Terpenes 2.25%

South Fork Kush by Benson Arbor
Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher

Indica-Hybrid Strain by Liontree Farms

This Indica-leaning cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch from Liontree Farms is the perfect way to kick back and relax. Subtle cakey notes give way to smooth grape and dried grass flavors. Order Yours Online or grab some at the shop.

THC 22.65%
Terpenes 2.49%