January Half-Ounce Specials

We know the holidays can hit the wallet pretty hard. We’re here to help tame those post-holiday blues with a few January Half-Ounce Specials that will definitely put a smile on your face. Choose from the uplifting Sativa, Chocolope from Millerville Farms for $60, the great-anytime Hybrid Cherry Chem or our hard-hitting Road Dawg, both from Happyface Farm for only $50. Available while supplies last. Come by the shop and take a look!

Chocolope by Millerville Farms $60 / half-ounce

Chocolope (Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze) by Millerville Farms is a hard hitting Sativa with 25.79% THC. Strong earthy, chocolate and coffee notes make this a great companion for that morning cup of joe.

Millerville Farms Chocolope Half-Ounce Special
Cherry Chem by Happyface Farm Half-Ounce Special

Cherry Chem by Happyface Farm $50 / half-ounce

Cherry Chem (Cherry Pie x Chemdawg) by Happyface Farm is the perfect strain for any time of the day. Euphoric and uplifting without putting you to sleep, this Hybrid is at 24.71% THC with 2.45% terpenes.

Road Dawg by Happyface Farm $50 / half-ounce

Road Dawg (Chemdawg x Biker Kush) by Happyface Farm boasts 28% THC with over 3% Terpenes. One of the heaviest hitters on the market. This is our absolute house favorite.

Road Dawg by Happyface Farm Half-Ounce Special