2021 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Reindeer Smoking

‘Tis the season! Whether those special to you are celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, or simply 2021 coming to an end, we have the perfect gift. Below, we have curated our holiday favorites that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, from the seasoned OG’s to your relative who, until this year, thought cannabis left you on the naughty list.

What better time to be in the giving spirit? Oh … and don’t forget to treat yourself to a gift this year.

Happy Holidaze from the Pakalolo family!

Stocking Stuffers

Drops Jellies $6

Available in the cutest little tins, these single 50mg THC infused jellies are one of the most popular edibles in Oregon and perfect as a small gift. Beware, they may be small but they pack a punch! Strain specific in 5 different flavors. Looking for cbd? Drops are also available in 5 different ratios of THC:CBD.

Strawberry Drops Pic



Gron Dark Chocolate High-Dose Mini Bar $10

Sticking with the small but mighty theme, Gron Dark Chocolate High-Dose Mini Bars are a perfect stocking stuffer for our friends looking for high concentration without having to eat too much. Extra bonus – they’re Vegan and made with fair-trade chocolate!

For the Foodie

Laurie + Maryjane Fudge Yourself $10

What better way to say happy holidays than telling your loved ones to go Fudge themselves?! Multiple rich flavors, but the one you want on your gift list is the 1:1 THC:CBD Chocolate Mint Fudge. Made with full-spectrum cannabis coconut oil by one of the best chef’s in the industry, this seasonal favorite won’t disappoint.


JUNK Marshmallow Bon-Bons $15

This is a great gift for the foodies solely because of the culinary feat accomplished. VEGAN Marshmallows. Dairy-free, Fair Trade, Non-GMO. This is Junk your friends will appreciate.


Wyld Gummies $20-$28 (25% off on Wednesday’s)

Have your parents finally caved?! Are they now canna-curious?! Wyld gummies are the perfect gift for someone just entering the beautiful world of cannabis. Super yummy, convenient, and effect specific, these 10 Pack of gummies are ideal for introducing low-dose edibles to your family skeptic. Plus, various cannabinoid ratios available make it an option for even the lowest of tolerances.

Wyld Pear

Oil Aficionados


Million Elephants Solventless Hash Rosin $35

Solventless Hash Rosin sourced from premium sun grown flower. Enough said. Your special Dabber will thank you.

CBD lovers

Nightingale’s CBD Relief Cream $38

This is the perfect gift for those experiencing aches and pains this winter season. Developed by industry leading scientist’s with testimonials to stand behind them. 250mg of CBD per container. Provide some relief to your loved ones!

Nightingale CBD Cream


Road Dawg by Happyface Farm Half-Ounce Special

Road Dawg by Happyface Farm $10/g

Afraid to disappoint the OG’s? We know they are always on the hunt for some GAS that will hit like the first time they smoked. Look no further. Road Dawg (Chemdawg x Biker Kush) by Happyface Farm boasts 28% THC with over 3% Terpenes. One of the heaviest hitters on the market. Be sure to get a toke in yourself, this is our absolute house favorite.

110mg Adabinol from Dirty Arm Farm $30

For the OG’s not looking to smoke. Adabinol is a cannabis syrup with 110mg of THC per 1oz bottle. Nano Enhanced and made with Live Resin, 1 bottle of Adabinol will have the OG’s smiling through the holidays.


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