Have you heard people around Portland using the word TERPENE(S) when talking cannabis and wondered what they are talking about? Well Pakalolo is here to help. Terpenes are defined as aromatic oils that color cannabis trichomes with distinctive smells and flavors. WHAT??? Basically, terpenes give the cannabis its flavor and smell. But it doesn’t stop there! Terpenes also help shape the effect of cannabis. The more knowledgeable we are about terpenes, the better we can choose our strains.

Pakalolo’s Terpenes 101:

Sativa Terpenes are uplifting and stimulating. A bright, strong citrus smell that comes from the terpene know as Pinene (found in pine trees) Strains like Jack Herer or Green Crack have strong Pinene terpenes with a stimulatory effect.  These strains are great for activities like exercise, cleaning, or creative endeavors. 

Indica Terpenes are soothing and have great anti-inflammatory properties. The Myrecene terpene, (think earthy or cloves) is great for relaxing and reducing pain. The Wedding Cake strain is high in Myrecene and a shop favorite! A great after-dinner or desert strain, Wedding Cake does not disappoint with its sweet, buttery flavor and smooth finish!